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Teen Expert and Motivational Speaker Gabe Salazar discusses important topics with special guest leaders, educators, and celebrities - all with his trademark heart and humor.

Gabe interviews JR Martinez, former US Army soldier and winner of the Mirror Ball on Dancing with the Stars Season 13, as he tells his story of overcoming adversity after being badly burned in combat during the Iraq War. How do you come back after losing it all? JR shares his secrets for making a come back.
Teen Expert and Youth Speaker Gabe Salazar gives parents and kids helpful tips to counter bullies with critical thinking and conflict resolution techniques. Gabe also addresses the validity of students "walking out" in response to the Parkland school shooting, but he also talks about about the importance of walking up to students who get bullied and forgotten. Conflict resolution calls for assertiveness, learning to negotiate, and putting yourself in the other person's shoes.
Gabe breaks down what really defines Greatness. It might surprise you.

Motivational Speaker

Gabe speaks at more than 150 teen events each year and has reached more than a million students. He‘s been recognized as America’s #1 Latino Youth Speaker by *Popular Hispanics Magazine.

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