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Gabe's I Am Second Video

Gabe grew up without a father – one who wanted him aborted. He joined in with the gang bangers because they gave him a sense of belonging. But broken ribs, a busted lip, and purple bruises all over his body left him betrayed and rejected again.

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13 Reasons and More

Gabe Salazar and Julia Sadler discuss the very important topics of teen suicide and depression, as well as the most recent headlines regarding the Blue Whale Challenge, 13 Reasons Why, and the suicide fantasy.

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The Morning Dose Show

Motivational Youth Speaker Gabe Salazar made an apperance on the CW National Morning Show The Morning Dose to discuss Secrets Teens Keep from Parents such as Dating, Bullying, Drugs and Pornography.

Motivational Speaker

Gabe speaks at more than 200 events each year and has spoken to more than a million students. He‘s been recognized as America’s #1 Latino Youth Speaker by *Popular Hispanics Magazine.

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